Monday, December 8, 2014

Thank you for your patronage this past year!

Thank you dear clients for your patronage this past year 
and visiting me in Studio 34A 
at Spanish Village Art Center, San Diego.

To help insure you have a festive holiday season, 
I’m offering YOU 10% off on “Scarflette” purchases thru Monday, December 22, 2014. 

From the beginning, I said they were "Not exactly a scarf... and not exactly a necklace." Now many women tell me they are a wardrobe essential!

What started as a whim, has become a whopper! 

Have you customized your scarflette with a fun pin to anchor it along one side??

Thanks to you, Scarflettes now come as Original ($30) and Deluxe ($40) which is 2in. longer and more full.

How to get your discount--

Residents of San Diego --
Stop into Studio 34A any day between 11-4 pm and choose the one(s) you want. Print this page or show the email to studio sitter to receive your discount.

For those of you outside of San Diego --
Tell me the color(s) you would like and I’ll text or email photos among which you can choose. 

Remember -  There is no sales tax on purchases sent out of San Diego and postage/handling is only $4 per Scarflette.  Your payment can be safely processed thru Paypal.

Best wishes to each of you through all of 2015!!

Susan Ludwig, Fiber Artist
Ludwig Collection
Spanish Village Art Center
760-519-2481 (cell)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014



San Diego North Coast Knitting Guild
Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014
program & details

My small portion of coral reef - imagine what we can do together!!

Additional websites below!!

See close-ups here, but be creative! There is no right or wrong!  Pull out your yarn stash, roving, poly fill, scraps of silk fabric, gauge samples, ALL kinds of yarn.  The more the merrier... and the more realistic!

We can share materials and ideas!  Don't wait - you can start now!  We want to include every piece!

Learn more about the coral reef project!!





Knit and "Pearl"

Knit and "pearl" for fun... outside my studio and posing before my neighbor's
beautiful (authentic) Spanish Moss - what could be more appropriate for 
Spanish Village Art Center?!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Are you not more valuable?!

You are more valuable!
I've enjoyed a change of pace lately, turning to fabric with printing techniques.  I was 'tickled' by a call to artists from the Oceanside Museum of Art in which they requested prayer flags.

This project is based on Vivika Hansen DeNegre's The Prayer Flag Project from 2011.  Prayer flags have been used in Tibet for centuries as a means to promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom.  They are generally hung outside for a while as the words and sentiment dissolve into the wind and spread to all whom the wind touches.

The Prayer Flag installation will be on view at Oceanside Museum of Art October 14 through December 31, 2012.

As a birdwatcher, my flag is based on the scripture verse:
Prayer flag detail

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?                                        Matthew 6.26

Prayer flag detail

May a breeze bring you the assurance that you are most valuable 
to God who loves you today and always.

See Vivika's Prayer Flag Website here.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Challenge (and Fun) is in the Execution

Sometimes the most fun in creating an art piece is in the execution.  I know what I want in the end, but how do I get there?  Where or what can I turn to for the answer?  What can I pull from past experience?  What do I need to learn?  How can I experiment?

In July I chaired an Art in Bloom event at Spanish Village Art Center. Florists from around the county contributed highly creative and beautiful live floral arrangements to complement 40 different pieces of art from ceramics to feather masks to 5 ft. mosaic whale to paintings and tapestry.
Click here to view the photos by artist Mary Ella Keith and BE SURE to join us next year!!

One of our major artworks was not reserved by a florist - gosh, it was only nine feet tall - how many flowers would that take!!  

Ilya Idelchik, Artist Spanish Village Art Center
Studio 36.  9' dancers, $8000 each.

Consequently, I decided to create something myself. Oriented as I am to wearable art, I portrayed my own version of a Flamenco dancer dressed in paper.  (Since paper is considered 'fiber' it is conceivably "right up my alley" but actually I've never worked with paper in this manner.) 

I used one of my mannequins, to achieve needed scale, then started by painting the look of lace on yards of craft paper then and fashioned oodles of ruffle. FUN!

The look of lace on paper
Paper ruffles for Flamenco dancer
Next step was fashioning the bust-- which was a cinch (pardon the pun).  The challenge was anchoring the flounce to the skirt.  A trip to Staples provided the answer - very hi tech paper fasteners!  Remember the kind that you poked through paper, then opened the ends?

Paper Flamenco Dress
Susan Ludwig

Finally, of course, I added some flowers --   can't imagine dancing with a thorny rose between your teeth so I used red carnations along with a flirty fan and it all came together - 

May I have this dance??!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nurture Your Creativity in the Garden

Yes, it's true. Sometimes I sit and knit... and sometimes I sit and absorb. 
Nevertheless, I'm nurturing the artist within.  

As Julia Cameron wrote in The Artist's Way, "Creativity does not have to always involve capital-A art." Julia admits that when she is stymied as a writer, she makes soups and pies because very often, the act of cooking something can help you cook something up in another creative mode.

I invite you to take a few moments and sit with me in my garden - to relax, admire the master creator and replenish your artistic self.

“Nobody sees a flower - really - it is so small it takes time - we haven't time - and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” 
― Georgia O'Keeffe

Sculptural Succulents 
Statuesque form of a staghorn fern

"Art is an image-using system. In order to create, we draw from our inner well.  This inner well, an artistic reservoir, is ideally like a well-stocked koi pond.  As artists , we must realize that we have to maintain this artistic ecosystem.  If we don't give some attention to upkeep, our well is apt to become depleted, stagnant, or blocked."  --from the Artist's Way

Become renewed in the garden

Every garden needs a place to sit and just "be".  
No phone, no Ipad, and sorry, Facebook, no friends, just ME!  Ah -h-h-h

Lots of what I know of life, I learned in the garden.
Admire God's handiwork and be refilled.

An exquisite orchid - what could be more perfect??

So you see, imagination needs moodling-
long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.
     Brenda Ueland

Enjoy solitude and don't feel guilty!!

Thank you to Beth Behler for these and many more stunning photos taken on a private 
garden tour including our home.   Beth has a fine eye for capturing the essence of the moment.  She certainly has helped me to look more closely at the 'works of art' within the garden I thought I knew so well!
Imagine what she can do for the special times in your life - helping you focus on the little moments that make up the greatness of the occasion.  Click below to see more of her artistry - 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nautical & Nice

Cheers for the ol' Red, White and Blue!  Sure, it's patriotic and SO appropriate for the upcoming 4th of July, but more than a holiday, these color classics make up a fashion powerhouse. Nautical-influenced looks were once associated with 'resort' or 'cruise' wardrobes, but have evolved to be worn on any vacation or staycation at practically any time of the year.

This little wrap may be classic red, white and navy, but “Nautical & Nice” is anything but trite.  It’s texture through and through with assorted “Diva” yarns, a touch of metallic, a dash of golden brown, strands of silk and a vintage designer silk scarf peeking out among the stitches.  Spend your summer outdoors, but when the sun goes down, stay comfy and chic.
"NAUTICAL & NICE" detail

Nautical navy, red and white is classic and timeless.

Update your wardrobe with  "NAUTICAL & NICE"

"NAUTICAL & NICE" detail

Set your sails for "Nautical & Nice"
It's a 'wrap' for just $229. USD plus $24. shipping & handling.
Thank you for looking in!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eye candy for the soul

I often go beyond my knitting needles and incorporate crochet, felting, applique and needle-felting processes in my artwork.

Embellishment detail from Sweet Pea Capelet
Sometimes the embellishment is the most fun... and the reason for creating "ORGANIC.'

ORGANIC- an exercise in embellishment

As I've said before in this blog, NATURE is the source of creativity - especially with the endless shades of color and texture in flowers and plants.  GOD is the greatest art teacher in my mind!  Oftentimes, as I study the artwork at hand and ponder what to do next, I'm led to reflect on my own life - even as I might be holding it in my hands!  

The opportunity to sit quietly (albeit busily) is an essential benefit of my art.  

"Stitches do take the time they are made in and spend it to change the people who are making them."
Phyllis Tickle in My Father's Prayer

My floral interpretation of artist Don Knapp's abstract painting.

Eye candy for the soul.

Last year I introduced Art in Bloom to Spanish Village Art Center where I share a studio. This year I'm serving as Event Chair again.  We hope to make it more prominent and extend the displays throughout our 37 studios with the creative endeavors of artists and floral designers alike.  Join us!


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